2020 Insights

 Our 2020 findings report of course goes into a lot of detail about what the companies’ responses revealed about the state of workforce management and reporting worldwide. To view that report and the full list of responding companies, please visit the relevant WDI page here. Please see below for a few more insights and analysis for your interest and to help you with your engagement with companies, going into the 2021 cycle.

141 organisations from 19 countries took part in the WDI 2020, up from 118 in 17 nations in 2019. The USA experienced the biggest increase in responders (from 10 to 16), whilst the UK still has the highest number of responders in total (56).

As in previous years, Consumer Discretionary and Financials companies were the best represented with 23 organisations each, compared to Energy and Utilities at the other end of the spectrum with 3 responders each.

Again, we’ve seen repeat responders be able to provide much more data than those taking part for the first time and indeed far more than is published traditionally in companies’ reports and websites; in a comparison of 192 non-responding companies, the workforce information they published online completed on average 21% of the survey, versus 61% for participating companies. The visualisation below shows the Disclosure Scores in various way; the Disclosure Score is a measure of completeness of the companies’ responses. Overall, encouragingly, we’ve seen Disclosure Scores go up, reflecting companies’ commitment to providing more information.

Happily, we also see companies making more and more of their response public, the longer they take part in the WDI. There is a lot of variation among the sectors about what information is kept private but no obvious trend.

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