Date of interaction: 01/05/19

Investment institution: Castlefield Investment Management

Type of interaction: Email exchange

Name of investor representative:

Chloe Smith
Rory Hammerson

Role of company contact(s): Investor Relations

Did the conversation take place with the head office or a regional division? No

Company engagement level following engagement: Declined

Did the company cite any of the following barriers to disclosing to the WDI? Other

Agreed follow-up actions and timeline for investor and/or WDI team:

Ellen, IR discussed our letter with their Sustainability manager. They didn't know of the WDI survey and thanked us for bringing it to their attention. Ellen mentioned they will use the survey as input/inspiration when developing this year’s Sustainability report and on the back of this will decide whether or not to participate next year

What were the main workforce topics discussed during the engagement?