Sanofi (SAN)

Date of interaction: 02/04/19

Investment institution: WDI / ShareAction

Type of interaction: Meeting

Name of investor representative:

James Coldwell
Amy Metcalfe

Role of company contact(s): Sustainability, Investor Relations

Did the conversation take place with the head office or a regional division? Regional office - Gentilly (outer Paris)

Company engagement level following engagement: Confirmed

Did the company cite any of the following barriers to disclosing to the WDI? Don’t have enough data yet to report on/want to collect more data before reporting, Unclear on how the data will be used

Agreed follow-up actions and timeline for investor and/or WDI team:

1. WDI team to invite Sanofi reps to attend conference in London on 6 June.
2. Agreed names of two individuals (one Sustainability, one IR) to send WDI survey to in 2019.

What were the main workforce topics discussed during the engagement?

Main focus was the WDI itself. Touched on challenges of collecting data on supply chain workers, how WDI fits in their annual reporting cycle.