Dates and events in 2023

Upcoming events, webinars and workshops

Tuesday 15 August | 3pm BST

Exploring the current reporting landscape
We’ll be joined by experts from various fields to investigate all the players in the workforce reporting landscape

Tuesday 14 November | 3pm BST

What does automation mean for the future of work?
How is technology affecting the workplace?

Tuesday 12 September | 3pm BST

How is the Just Transition progressing?
Is the future looking fairer for workers and the planet?

Tuesday 3 October | 3pm BST

What does artificial intelligence mean for working lives?
How is technology affecting the workplace?
Registration links for all these sessions will be added as soon as the exact dates and times are confirmed so please check back regularly!

Recordings of past webinars

To view recordings of all our past webinars, please visit our youtube page

Explore key dates for this year’s cycle

Tuesday 21 February: 2022 Workforce Transparency Awards
Our virtual Awards ceremony will celebrate the 2022 responding companies on various aspects of their transparency
Thursday 30 March: 2022 findings report publication and online event
Our virtual findings report launch will feature insights into the data companies submitted in 2022 and an exciting panel of speakers to explore topics around workforce reporting
Tuesday 25 April: CEO pay ratios: a groundless trajectory
This session is for investor signatories only to explore the topic of CEO pay ratios and how they can affect their portfolios
Tuesday 9 May: webinar to explore the changes to the survey in 2023
Join us to run through the changes to the survey for this year
Late May: 2023 invitation letters and emails sent out
Every company requested to take part in the WDI 2023 will be sent and/or emailed a formal invitation letter from the WDI investor signatory group
Monday 3 July: 2023 online reporting platform launches
All requested companies will be emailed a link to access the online reporting platform where they will be able enter all their answers and submit their response to the WDI 2023 cycle
Friday 27 October: 2023 online reporting platform closes
This is the submission deadline for all companies wishing to take part in the WDI 2022
Mid-December: company response data made available to investor signatories
Investor signatories will have access to all the data companies submitted in 2022 by mid-December
Mid-January 2024: companies' 2023 Disclosure Scorecards published
By mid- January 2024, companies will be able to access their 2023 Disclosure Scorecards via the online reporting platform